RIJEKA  - Gender Crossroads (HKD Sušak)
SPLIT  - Gender Crossroads (MKC Split)
SPLIT – IKS festival (MKC Split)
ZADAR – Zadar snova
ZAGREB – Queer Zagreb Sezone

Director: Hrvoje Cokarić
Actors: Sanela Marković, Darijo Tvrdić i Nela Sisarić
Music: Jorge Sladić & C Bastard
Scenography: Alemka Đivoje
Executive designer: Marin Boban
In collaboration with Kino klub Split
The project was realized with the financial support of the City of Split and the European Union, programme Together in Action

In this performance we are questioning the relationship between the victim and the abuser through the interaction of the victim and an artist. Together they bring up a documentary story in a form of monologues.
Victimize is an interdisciplinary theater project which dramaturgy is based on true events. The play exposes and analyzes the relationship between the victim and the abuser and the relationship of Western culture towards suffering and victims in general. The cycle of performances is imagined as a work in progress that will explore the relationship between victim and abuser in various sociological and political contexts using the SM poetics. The methodology that is used in the process of creating is based on direct contact of the performers and people who experienced a physical or psychical trauma. The performers will be asked to relive again the emotional state of the victim and carry over the experience to the spectator. Dramaturgy is built on the direct relationship between the victim and performer.  One of the goals of this project is to explore the dramatic form of the tragedy, which has historically remained the most performed dramatic form, but unlike the film has always been devoid of documentary (based on a true story) components. By opening a dialogue between theater and real-world tragedy, we hope to encourage the inner dialogue in every spectator that deals with our attitude to any kind of violence.
Does it excite us or do we have a real ability to feel empathy for the victim?

VIDEO TRAILER ( victimize video trailer