2012. DUBROVNIK – SYMPOSIUM/DOMINATION (Art Workshop Lazareti)



Authors of the project: Hrvoje Cokarić i Nela Sisarić














In this perfomance we are questioning the victim and the abuser through the interaction of the victim and artist, which together account for a documentary story in the form of monologues. The performance is part of the research necessary for the realization of our next theatrical project "Victimize"

Victimize is an interdisciplinary theater project whose dramaturgy is based on true events. The play, which exposes and analyzes the relationship between the victim and the abuser, and the relationship of Western culture to the suffering and sacrifice in general. The cycle of performances is imagined as a work in progress that will explore the relationship between victim and tormentor in various sociological and political contexts using SM poetics. The methodology that will be using in the process of the work is based on direct contact of  performers in the show, with people who have experienced physical or psychological trauma.  the performers will be asked to relive again and again the emotional state of the victim, and thereby help to the victim and bring the viewer to experience.Dramaturgy is built Exactly on the direct victims and artists contact .
goal of the project is to explore dramatic forms of tragedy, which has historically remained the most performed dramatic form, but unlike the film is always devoid of documentary (based on a true story) components. Opening a dialogue between theater and real-world tragedy we hope to encourage in viewer the inner dialogue that deals with our relationship to any kind of violence, what excites you give us, or we have a realistic capacity of sympathy with the victim?