The performance  PROCESS PROTOCOL was performed twice (premiere – November 23, 2011.).

Later on, the Croatian Ministry of Culture decided to renew the Youth Center in Split.

Authors of the project: Hrvoje Cokarić, Nela Sisarić & Tonči Bakotin Ruzina

Direction and movement dramaturgy: Hrvoje Cokarić & Nela Sisarić

Music:  C_Bastard

With: Nino Bokan, Franko Bušić, Ivan Perić, Petra Kovačić, Sanela Marković, Velimir Foretić-Delonov, Hrvoje Cokarić, Nela Sisarić

Coproduction: KUU UZGON widh CENTAR ZA PLES I POKRET and MKC-Split



























Project is dealing with sustainable development of the independent performing art in Split and the theme is about never completely built Youth Centre (Dom Omladine) in Split. The Youth Centre in Split was built in 1979th and has never been finished because of the negligence of the city administration policy. Youth Center is the place of intersections of independent contemporary performance art, free climbers, skaters, dance clubs, modern dance scene, underground music scene and independent cinema. Throughout the show, using the topics of bureaucracy and protocols, we tried to show fatigue and futility of the process in which an independent organization and culture located in the southern part of Croatia tries to express directly their problem. The performance  PROCES PROTOKOL exposes the process of Kafkaesque situation, and through direct appeal to the Minister of Culture in Croatia, wants final changes in the administration of local government and authorities and finnaly overcome the agony of survival problems that retain the natural development of the independent scene in the last twenty years and ask the authorities to seriously care for survival of this part of society.