FFT is a self-developing organism whose biochemistry, depending on time, change shapes.
In working process, each participant of a collective is having an equally important roll by subordinating her/his individuality to the final product.
System of work is based on collecting and processing samples from former shows, current processes and personal situations.
Synthesizing hardware, body and emotions we get a living fractal which functionates as a methasampler.
During working process methasampler assimilates hardwear, body and emotion of an artist – laborer.
Methasampler converts global structure of the system into a skelet of a current project.
FFT is critical and renewing mechanism of reexamination of values considering current surroundings – political, social, local or global.
It acts when you don't need it at all or least expect. But you crave for it.
Does FFT exist, many raise the question.
If you are asking yourself, you are probably already a part of it.
Only one thing is sure: FFT is a spite to linearity of time.
Manifesto is finished.