2010. SPLIT - XONTAKT (MKC/Dom mladih)
/2011. SPLIT - Splitsko ljeto (MKC/Dom mladih)

Director: Hrvoje Cokarić
Dramaturgy: Srečko Kosovel
Choreography: Nela Sisarić
Scenography: Milena Meštrović
Costumes: Nevena Cokarić Brstilo
Music: C Bastard & Ruzina Frankulin
Videography & VJing: Marin Zorić 7orge
Judita: Nataša Pavlov
Voice: Zdravka Krstulović 
Holofern: Franko Bušić
Judit’s husband: Boris Kadin
Soldiers: Nino Bokan, Renato Vidaković
Production: KUU UZGON with CENTAR ZA POKRET and MKC-Split



Judita is a contemporary theatre play which concept is based on a review (dramaturgical and ideological) of one of the most important classics in Croatian literature written by Marko Marulić. Text is based on fragments and storyline is inverted from the classical version. Audience is asked to take a stand, to change the point of view and to participate in show whether with joy, or repulsion. Scenography is reduced to symbolic meanings, video art takes over the function of lighting, storyline is dependent on musical rhythm of the play, except the very ending of performance that allows the audience to change the epilogue of the performance according to their own will. Main goal of the show is emotional and esthetic blackmail of the spectator.